I love the surrealness of Xela’s work. The stark color relationships she uses in her work creates a strong dramatic effect that pulls the viewer in. Also spirituality of the work and the spirituality of herself is infused throughout the work. Just starring at her work puts you into a meditative trance.

Thomas, NL/USA
Xela has a body of work that simultaneously captures the eye and imagination. Her explorations of color, texture and form are clearly personal journeys into the unknown parts of the body, mind and spirit. Her ambiguity is both the mystery and energy of each piece.

Michael, NL/SA
I like Xela’s paintings, all have a focal point that draws the eye. This gives her paintings a structure and order that is very calming and soothing. I like the bright colors and positive energy that her paintings give off. I feel that her paintings are a source of light and warmth. I like that she has re-imagined well known themes like the Om sign. I do however think that there is some of the freedom missing, that ones sees in earlier paintings. It would be nice to combine the two to create a phenomenal effect.

Franz & Jacqueline, AUT
I love the beautiful bright colors of Xela’s paintings. Whenever we have a look on them, they have a kind of calming effect. My favorite one is “SomeWhere”, because I love her animal paintings very much. By now we have a few of Xela’s paintings to prettify our home.

Britta, NL/D
I like Xela’s last paintings the most. The background of those pictures is mystic, spiritual or cosmic due to the light coming out of the dark. This in combination with the color intensity attracts the view, has a calming effect and allows the viewer to day-dream or meditate.

Jacko, NL
Personally, I’m captured by the colors Xela is using and the perspectives in the majority of them. To me, most of the paintings give me a positive vibe.

Barbara, AUS
Xela’s paintings are incredible colorful and vibrant, teasing the imagination, transporting you on a journey.

Gaby, AUT
When I look at Xela’s paintings I feel inspired in different ways. I love the color games and the always appearing symbols. Hand made paintings by Xela I would recognize out of many.